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Our Drive Terrain Capabilities are Endless

Automatic Transmission Rebuilds & Diagnostics

Vehicle not shifting correctly or maybe it stopped moving. Call on us to diagnose and repair it. We rebuild Automatic Transmissions for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs. Both Gas and Diesel applications. Built to factory specs along with industry leading updates. All backed by a Nation-Wide Warranty.

Manual Transmission Rebuilds & Diagnostics

Yes there are still manual transmission out there! We have all the tooling to tear down and fix any issue you have with yours.

Transfer Case Rebuilds & Diagnostics

If you have a New or Old 4×4 vehicle we can help you get it working right. From diagnostics to complete rebuilds Fox Valley Transmission has you covered.

Differential Rebuilds & Diagnostics

Hear a noise or notice a leak from the rear of your vehicle, we can fix that. Maybe you have a old project car or truck hat you want to change gear ratio or get rebuilt, we can fix that to. We Rebuild Front and Rear Differential.